Bullet Journaling

Plan With Me – September Layout

When I started the bullet journal journey, I didn’t think that I would be planning my own layouts, but this month, I did my own thing instead of following along with someone else. I don’t have the confidence to set up Youtube videos yet, but I’m excited to share the layout here.

Month in Review

After the month is is finished, I have started to review my accomplishments that I have made during the month that I am extremely proud of, for example, getting the internship with Senator Patty Murray. I think it is important to track what you are proud of about yourself.

Month – At – A – Glance

For my month-at-a-glance pages, I decided to have a little fun and welcome in my favorite season. I doodled a little fox and apple picking basket with autumn leaves falling all around the pages. I have a lot of birthdays happening this month, so they will end up being listed under my important dates, as well as starting my internship, new job, and my senior year at the University of Washington.

Mood and Habit Tracker

Because of I have Persistent Depressive Disorder, or PDD, I find that tracking my mood is sometimes better than journaling. I am able to understand when I have missed taking my meds and how it affects my mood. I also think it is extremely important to track my habits since I have a hard time creating healthy habits and my goal this month is to lose 5 to 10 pounds. I kept the fall theme with my mood tracker and decorating the habit tracker.

Playlist and Weekly Schedule

Every month now, I have started making a playlist. This expresses how I feel and what new/old music I am in love with. The weekly schedule is new this month because I am starting my new job and internship and I think it is important for me to have weekly things scheduled around my jobs, such as chores and self-care dates. The weekly schedule will also be present in October because school will start on September 30th.

Weekly Layout

My weekly layout is a little different from other that you may see because I go day-by-day. This is because, it helps me look at what I have to do that day and doesn’t overwhelm me. Its also good for knowing what my work schedule is like and when I can put in content planning, appointments and my meal plan for the day.

What is your September bullet journal like? Show me all of your layouts and don’t forget to check out my last bullet journal layout.

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