Plan With Me – August Layout

I started bullet journaling about 5 years ago but never really got into it much until now. This layout is my own creation, inspired by Pinterest and Youtube. This month, I decided to do my theme in hot air balloons. I’m not a huge fan of going up in them as I have a fear of falling but, I absolutely love the sight of them.

For the calendar, I decided to do a horizontal design. I did each square as 5×5 dotted squares (except for the bottom row). I left two dotted rows open at the top to label Sunday and started my weeks with Monday.

Since doing my July layout, I’ve really loved doing a sleep tracker. It especially helps me track my depression related insomnia so I know when to take melatonin for the next night. On the next page, I did my habit tracker and did it horizontally as well to help with space.

For the next two pages, I have done a gratitude journal and mood tracker. Please ignore my spelling on the gratitude journal. I didn’t realize I had made the spelling error until I was taking pictures for this post. I actually love the gratitude journal because even when I am in a bad mood, I can think of the positive things that day. The mood journal helps me when I track my moods and figure out what things to bring up to my therapist. Mental health is extremely important to me as someone with Persistent depressive disorder.

My weekly layout is very simple and neat. I added clouds and hot air balloons to continue with the theme. I’d love your comments to figure out what I can add to the bottom of the weekly pages! What do you guys like to track during the week.

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