How I Got My Dream Internship and How You Can Too!

I’m so excited to announce that I got my dream internship with Senator Patty Murray! I got to speak with her years before for her bill Higher Education Access and Success for Homeless and Foster Youth Act or S. 2267. That year, I was still a fashion design major but now, I’m entering my senior year for Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. When I saw that she was accepting application for a remote legislative intern, I jumped on the chance and I got the internship! So how did I do it?

1. Do You Research

Always research the position you are applying for! Why? Because you are going to use the job description and qualifications to your advantage.

2. Make A Master Resume

Your master resume has ALL of your previous and present jobs on it, all of your qualifications, all of your volunteer work and every degree you have. This is the start of your new resume which will be a shorter version than this. The reason you need a master resume is to show you how much you have grown since your first job and what qualifications you have achieved since then. These may or may not match the internship they are looking at, but they can turn into those qualifications.

3. Create a New Resume

When you create your new resume, you use your most recent positions, volunteer work, and education. While your master resume will be more than one page, the resume that you will turn in should only be one page. It should be professional and clean with your name and contact information at the very top. If you are going into a creative field, don’t be afraid to get a little creative to show off your creative skills.

4. Write your Cover Letter

Your cover letter should always expand on your qualifications. Be as specific as possible. What are you learning in school that will help you succeed in this position? What experience do you have from your current position that you can high light in your cover letter? Don’t forget to put your name and contact information at the top. Make sure you have someone read over it as you need to make sure your spelling and grammar are correct and professional. This should also be one page.

5. The Interview

Before you go into the interview, you need to practice your answers. There are lots of example interview questions online and tips you can follow, like how to answer the “Tell me about yourself” question. This is another area to brag about yourself and use your cover letter and resume to your advantage. Always have them in front of you during your interview.

You can get your dream internship. It takes hard work and lots of effort. But you are the person that is right for the job and only you can prove that to them! Go out and get that internship that you deserve!